Jesús González Brito, musician, arranger, composer, producer and teacher

«Pingüino» is a guitarist, double bass player, cuatro player, mandolin player, bando player, among other string instruments.

Jesús González Brito, alias «Pingüino», alias “Pingüino”, is a versatile Canarian-Venezuelan musician: arranger, composer and producer. His career is supported by his participation in more than 130 record productions on three continents. He performs skillfully in both the world of popular and classical music.

As a teacher he has given workshops and master classes in Argentina, Germany, Spain, Uruguay and Chile, both for children and adults with different levels of musical learning. He has collaborated on different occasions with the Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de Uruguay, Orquesta Sinfónica Venezuela, Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Caracas, Orquesta Filarmónica Nacional de Venezuela and Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar, and has toured much of the Uruguayan and Argentine territory as Director of Ensamble Simón Bolívar. (a group of professional Uruguayan musicians who are responsible for disseminating the wealth of Venezuelan sound) and Ensambla TierraSur (a group made up of Argentine musicians).

In 1989 he began the first Double Bass chair for Venezuelan and Latin American music in the popular music workshops of the Fundación Bigott, in Venezuela.

For two years (2015-2017) he worked as a cultural promoter and teacher at the Centro de la Diversidad Cultural de Venezuela en España, where he left an important musical seed with workshops for four Venezuelans. He also worked as a classical and popular guitar teacher at the Banda Music School in Celanova, Galicia.

He has worked with renowned Venezuelan artists such as Un solo Pueblo, Lilia Vera, Chelique Sarabia, Cecilia Todd, Eddy Marcano, Agrupación Convenezuela, Ensemble Gurrufío, La Cuerda de Carmito, Estudiantentina Voces y Cuerdas de Venezuela, Omar Acosta Trio, Aquiles Machado, Ignacio Izcaray, Serenata Guayanesa, Aquiles Báez, Saúl Vera, Hernán Gamboa, Esperanza Márquez, Amanda Querales, Cheo Hurtado, Simón Díaz, Jesús Sevillano, David Moreira, Sir Augusto Ramírez, Henry Rubio, Huguette Contramaestre and Fabiola José.

He has participated in more than 130 record productions.

Jesús González Brito was a special guest at the Italian Brass Week 2022. He shared the stage with the well-known trumpeter Pacho Flores.

One of his most important recent projects is the duet with the Venezuelan trumpeter Pacho Flores, from which the album «Entropía» is derived, made under the Deutsche Grammophon label. In this work, «Pingüino» stands out in the execution of the guitar and for a series of his own compositions that take on a life of their own on this album. The production was awarded the Gold Medal at the Global Music Awards in the category of Classical Instrumental Duo.

«Music is a greater revelation than all wisdom and philosophy»

Ludwig van Beethoven
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